About Us


PGC Shipping Agency is a large shipping company in Iran. we strongly believe in honesty and commitment in doing business with our respected clients  and cooperation with our respected clients. Since 1991, PGC Shipping Agency has provided unparalleled agency and maritime consulting services to many of the most prominent companies, ship owners, operators, charterers and brokers in Persian Gulf
With  full-service, company-owned offices, PGC offers complete vessel agency attendance services

 in all ports and islands of Iran including Bandar Abas, Bushehr, Bandar Emam Khomayni, Khoramshahr, Kish,Kharg, Tehran, etc...
We service all types of vessels ranging from the newest LNG carriers to the smallest tugboats.
PGC formed to provide quality services to its client and has the ability to undertake marine transportation and offshore/onshore services.
In offshore, PGC is ready to go along with offshore projects and to do its best in its side
In onshore, PGC ensure the fast, accurate handling of all details for ships
Expediting ship arrivals and departures, loading and unloading, and all ship operations in port
Our pride lies in the professional team we are working with And our managers average over 20 year's agency experience in operations and Accounting. PGC employees have a diverse skill base, including Captains, Mariners, Coast Guard, ship operators, charterers, brokers, inspectors, and vetting experts
Satisfaction of our respected client is our best motivator